OUCH is a new BDSM play event to be held on the first Friday of every month.

OUCH is for people who enjoy BDSM play scenes like Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) Sadism and Masochism (SM), C.P. Role Play and Fetish Fantasies.

Come and enjoy you BDSM in the multi room venue where there is a swinging bondage bed, suspension bed, wet play room. There is also other play furniture like Spanking Benches or BDSM play ‘toys’ like a vac bed, leather strapped body bag, paddles, crops, floggers etc.

You can come and make as many loud OUCH noises as you like.

This is a Guest List Only event.

Requests to attend must be submitted to OUCH on FETLIFE at OUCH Friday OR contact the club 

0775 815 1102

For incoming calls only


BDSM / Fetish
Curious or Experienced

Dress Code


Dresses, Suits, Skirts, Sexy, Sassy, Secretarial, Uniforms & Lingerie,fetish wear,all black 


BLACK Suits, Trousers or Very Smart Jeans & Long or Short Sleeved Shirt Fetish Wear,

Smart Shoes or Very Smart Clean trainers 

Sportswear NOT permitted.


Opening Times

8 pm till 1 am

Entrance Fee’s

£ 10  per  person

Dress Code Black  or Fetishwear 

There as a complete mixture of people that attend, different shapes and sizes, with a large range of BDSM and fetish interests that they happily explore. Clients can be newbies or very experienced, yet all the same in curiosity and interest in BDSM and various fetishes. There are always newbies that are readily taken into the fold (or leather mummification bag if that’s their pleasure).

It goes without saying that it BDSM as a whole can seem quite daunting however rest assured that at The GateHouse one is made to feel completely at ease with there never any requirement to do anything.

You are welcome to watch most things that go on. If you are curious about X or Y we will happily see about arranging a demo.  This is invariably with (done by) fellow guests who are always happy to example their work/skills. Everyone is friendly and willing to give advice with many varied age ranges in attendance. As such the social area is very relaxed.

There are numerous rooms for everyone’s pleasure or punishment. There is a spanking room. There is ultraviolet room where one can use a violet wand (a static shock wand to tease your sensations). There is a voyeur’s room where you can also be private (there are privacy curtains). Fully fitted dungeon room that has the following (to mention but a few things):-

St. Andrews cross

Bespoke suspension bed

Bespoke restraining chair

(with arm straps, metal spring nipple clamps and adjustable metal grated mask)

Fetters spanking bench

Exodus spanking stool






Suspension beam

Swinging bed

Vac bed

Leather strapped body bag

Mummification bag